How does Measured work?

Measured is a personalized and holistic approach to weight loss and weight management. We use personalized behavioral support from weight loss experts, FDA-approved medications from U.S. licensed clinicians - when appropriate, and custom low-carb meal guides to not only help you achieve your weight loss and health goals, but more importantly, to help you maintain them! 

You’ll take a short quiz explaining your goals, eating habits, medical history, and what you've tried in the past. Based on your answers our team of experts will create a personalized treatment plan for you that accommodates your lifestyle, health goals, and specific preferences.

To help you gain control of your health and achieve sustainable results, your Measured Treatment Plan will included: 

  • Access to our Measured telehealth platform
  • A personalized low-carb meal guide and movement goal
  • Educational and behavioral content
  • A licensed nutritionist, known as your Health Coach, you will complete weekly check-ins with and have the ability to message at any time for support or questions about your treatment plan. 

  • If you are eligible for the Measured Medical Plan, you’ll also be assigned a Medical Clinician, doctor or Nurse Practitioner, to review your consultation and issue you a prescription for FDA-Approved medications, if appropriate. 

We're committed to helping you reach your weight loss goals and can’t wait for you to start working with your Health Coach to start shedding pounds and building lasting habits. 

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